Best Indie Games in July 2021 | Our Top Picks

As gaming popularity continues to grow, so does the influence of indie creators. Every month it feels like more and more unusual, unique, and creative titles are being released. From 2D pixel adventures to ambitious HD 3D experiences, teams can be huge or just made up of one person, but all indie creators share a passion for bringing their wondrous thoughts to light. Despite the increase in outdoor activity, summer remains a popular time to release waves of new games. Some of them get more attention than others but digging through the piles will uncover some gems. In this article, we are going to look over some of the best indie games in July 2021.

Upcoming Indie Games in July 2021

Boomerang X

indie games in July 2021

Boomerangs are arguably one of the coolest weapons that someone can wield. Link has been using them consistently since he was a kid. The unfortunate reality is that they’re also very difficult to use and they almost never return as smoothly as you’d hope. Thank goodness for games like the Boomerang X for allowing us to pretend we’re experts. It’s a first-person adventure where you’re armed with a magical shuriken-like boomerang. You can use its power to soar through the air while taking out every monster you come across. It’s looking to be a fast-paced adventure where you’ll need to stay sharp and alert.

Boomerang X will release on July 8 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Black Skylands

Airships might be one of the most cliche vehicles in fantasy worlds, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. The idea of flying through the air in a boat with wings is a wondrous one, to say the least. Final Fantasy was one of the first games to introduce these skyships and Black Skylands is all about that noise. It’s a topdown RPG that puts you in the role of Eva, a talented pilot and engineer out for revenge. Using her skills, you’ll need to build the best airship possible to explore the most dangerous parts of the sky in search of justice and glory.

Black Skylands will release on July 9 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Chameleon

Many of us wish we could just blend in or take on different appearances and that’s why we may envy the chameleon. One of the most well-known species of lizards, chameleons need to rely on their camouflage to survive. So, it only makes sense that someone would make a stealth game named after them. In The Chameleon, you play as a nameless 70s dude with a mustache and an ugly shirt. The good thing is you’ve also gained superpowers that allow you to send enemies flying, slow down time, or take on other forms so you can get around easier.

The Chameleon will release on July 13 for PC.

Cris Tales

It’s getting harder and harder to come up with new ways to use time travel. However, there’s hope for the concept in the upcoming indie game in July 2021, Cris Tales. It’s a 2D hard-drawn RPG with exploration and turn-based combat elements. It follows the tale of Crisbell, an orphan girl who discovers an ancient sword that allows her to peer both into the past and the future. She must learn to wield this power and trust her new allies if she hopes to save her world and potentially all of time. It makes use of the traditional side-by-side placement of enemies so that you can cast them into the past or future in hopes of turning the tides of battle.

Cris Tales will release on July 20 for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Stadia, and PC.

Beard Blade

indie games in July 2021

If old photographs and pictures have taught us anything, it’s that beards were everywhere. As many may know, a good beard is not just about fullness, but also creativity and style. In terms of beard competition, the upcoming Beard Blade may give all beard-havers a run for their money. You play as Branson, a hero who must use his glorious beard to take down the villainous Smuglins. It’s a 16-bit pixel-style 2D platformer that has a lot of the charm of old SNES titles. You’ll need to run, jump and beard in order to succeed but don’t forget to visit the barber for new powerups.

Beard Blade will release in July for PC.

Night Reverie

Have you ever been caught in a dream that was so mysterious that you wanted to explore as much as you could? It seems some devs have taken this idea and run with it in order to bring us the upcoming indie game in July 2021, Night Reverie. The story is about a young imaginative child who falls into a strange dream-like world that has taken over his house. You must guide the child around to find out what’s happening and track down his family. It’s a pixelated angled top-down adventure that focuses a lot on puzzle-solving and investigation. It’s similar to classic point-and-click adventure games complete with abstract logic.

Night Reverie will release in July for PC.

Unbound: Worlds Apart

At one time or another, most if not all of us have dreamed of being able to create portals. With things like Rick and Morty and Doctor Strange making it look so incredible, it’s only normal to want this power. In Unbound: Worlds Apart, making portals is your main means of defense and navigation. You take on the role of Soli, a mage who can conjure portals and manipulate the powers of the worlds they reveal. You must use this magic to get past monsters, solve puzzles and overcome any obstacles that get in your way. It’s a lovely hand-drawn 2D adventure full of magic.

Unbound: Worlds Apart will release on July 28 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Eldest Souls

indie games in July 2021

Either the average gamer is getting too skilled or masochistic because Souls-games are popping up everywhere. There was a time when the main complaint with the Dark Souls series was how hard it was and now we can’t seem to get enough. Eldest Souls attempts to sate our craving and its name is just the appetizer. You play as an unnamed warrior with a huge sword who happens to be humanity’s last hope. Like Titan Souls, the game is a boss-rush where you must find and defeat all of the Old Gods to stop their wrath from spreading. It’s a top-down HD pixel with lots of flash and slash.

Eldest Souls will release on July 29 for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC.

As you can see, there are tons of indie games in July 2021 to look forward to! If any of the titles from our list stood out to you, be sure to check them out. Oh, and if you do, let us know on Twitter!