Best Indie Games in June 2022 | Our Top Picks

The summer is fast approaching a spring that only feels like it has just gotten started. With the changing weather from refreshing to energizing, there’s a lot to do on lovely sunny days. With so much light and warmth, there’s plenty of encouragement for creatives and designers to finish up their projects and take in some well-deserved vacation time. This means we can expect a fair number of new indie titles coming this month including some that shine as bright as the sun. If you can’t take the heat or summer showers are keeping you, here are some of the best indie games in June 2022 to look forward to playing.

Upcoming Indie Games in June 2022


There’s nothing quite as terrifying as what lies below the surface. Even with all the advances in technology we’ve made, there is still so much ocean that we’ve never even glimpsed. It’s pure darkness down there and there’s a lot of incentive to find out what’s hiding in it. However, Spiral Circus Games have some thoughts on that with their upcoming indie title Silt. You play as a nameless diver swimming through the dark deep among fearsome creatures. Thankfully, you have the ability to possess them which may be the only chance you have of surviving.

Silt will release for Pc, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on June.

Square Keeper

The dungeon-crawler is a classic game structure that involves creating some rooms and arranging them in random order. Sometimes you have a map and sometimes you don’t, but the sense of adventure is always there. This sense is aiming to come alive in Square Keeper by Kanak Studio. You play as a hero who decides to go dungeon-diving with some items, a sword, and… cards? That’s right, the actions you take in the dungeon are up to chance as you need to rely on the cards in your deck to fight, explore, and walk.

Square Keeper will release for PC on June 9.

Please Fix The Road

Something that every village, town, and city deals with at one point or another is potholes. If it’s not potholes, then it’s usually something worse keeping people from driving. However, it can take a long time for someone from your public works to take a look and get it fixed. To get some satisfaction doing it yourself, you can look to Ariel Jurkowski and Please Fix The Road. This colorful indie puzzle game has various contained areas with roads that could use a serious makeover. That’s where you come in to fix them up and make them safe for travel.

Please Fix The Road will release for PC on June 10.


The nightlife is not for everyone and that’s perfectly okay. If you prefer to stay in for a chill evening or get a good night’s rest, more power to you. That said, you should be willing to open yourself up to the idea of adventuring, both day and night. You can see what it’s like in Knightlife by Leturs Lab. In this Minecraft-visual-style game, you get to play as a heroic knight whose overall quest is to stop a war between neighboring villages. While you’re getting strong enough to put a stop to it all, you can explore, fight, and gather everything you need. Master combat and magic as an adorable hero of medieval fantasy.

Knightlife will release for PC on June 15.

Byte The Bullet

Though many of us look upon the old-style retro games with nostalgic fondness, we need to remember that those games were sometimes confusing and monstrously hard. That’s why so many devs are taking the nostalgia and trying to modernize it so that we don’t break our controllers. The developer Esteban Marin is trying to do this with Byte The Bullet. In this game, you’re being sent into a computer to rid it of viruses. It was a combination of different genres and retro styles back in the day. You’ll get to test all your old-school gaming in this modern retro game.

Byte The Bullet will release for PC on June 17.

Born Punk

Even though Cyberpunk 2077 had its fair share of tons of problems, it did revitalize the general interest in the cyberpunk genre. The idea of living in a dystopian yet highly futuristic world appeals to us on some awe-struck level. So many ideas involving robots, cybernetics, becoming digital, and more offer much to be explored and fantasized about. This fantasy can be found in Born Punk by Insert Disk 22. In this point-and-click adventure game, you take the role of three different characters who all fit quite comfortably in such a setting. You’ve got a broken robot, a CEO, and a hacker all tied together by the fact that they’re possessed by some unknown force. You’ll use their complementary to figure out who, what, when where, and why.

Born Punk will release for PC on June 22.


Sometimes the scariest things happen to the cutest creatures. In fact, the cuter something is, the more we don’t want anything bad to happen to it. However, the world of gaming can be a scary and dark place that also makes for exciting and difficult experiences. Along the lines of Super Meat Boy, you’ve got NoRoy coming up by Motion Brush. This is an animated and indie cartoon 2D platformer where you control a cute bright protagonist in a haunting world filled with traps and monsters. You’re only defense is to keep moving through the levels and avoid making any errors or you’ll suffer dire consequences.

NoRoy will release for PC on June 23.

Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel

Fear is a primal emotion that is necessary for survival and it gives such a rush that there are those who actively seek it out. So much is dedicated to trying to scare people from bedtime stories to video games. Horror can be subtle or in your face, but it’s up to you to decide which one makes you more comfortable. A game that looks like it’s aiming to make you uncomfortable is Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel by Pulsatrix Studios. This first-person game puts you in the role of someone trapped in a desolate hotel with so many dark secrets. Not only are there unspeakable horrors roaming the corridors, but you’ve also got multiple timelines, and a terrifying cult to confront while checking the rooms. Thankfully, you won’t be defenseless… just hope you have enough bullets.

Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel will release for PC, and PlayStation on June 28.