Best Indie Games In June 2023 | Our Top Picks

It’s been kind of a hot spring, or a wet spring depending on your location. Either way, you can make an excuse to stay indoors while summer starts heating up. You’ll probably be planning some fun vacations or travels, but there’s another way to spend that free time. That’s right, you can look forward to some of the great indie games set to come out in June. Mid-year is always an interesting time with many titles still in the midst of development and unsure of when to launch. Others are more confident in their dates and these are the ones were waiting to download.

Tiny Thor

Tiny Thor Trailer

Norse mythology has been covered by gaming to the point of coming up with new mythology within the mythology. This is what Asylum Square is introducing with its upcoming Tiny Thor. Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, the most famous god in Norse mythology has been given a childhood in gaming. It’s a colorful 2D platform adventure that has the feel of those fun and wacky arcade games with a sprinkling of The Lost Vikings in there. It follows the journey of young Thor as he masters the unusual properties of his mystical hammer against the enemies of Asgard. Before he could fly, Thor had to jump around and rely on throwing his hammer in a way so that it would bounce and ricochet with justice.

Tiny Thor will release on June 5 on PC, Switch, and Mobile.

Espresso Tycoon

Espresso Tycoon Trailer

This may be an exaggeration, but the global economy would be at risk of shutting down without coffee. So many games have coffee or interpret it in unusual ways, but DreamWay Games is all about it with Espresso Tycoon. It’s pretty clear what the deal is: You’re gonna have to make coffee. Luckily, coffee is a booming business but also a highly competitive one. You’ll have to start out small with a limited menu as you start to build your brand and customer loyalty. Do the best job you can so you can earn more so that you can afford more options down the line and expand your business. Caffeine is king and you hold the crown!

Espresso Tycoon will release on June 7 on PC.


Nocturnal Trailer

The night is a dark time for many of us, both figuratively and literally. However, if you’re a night owl, you can check out Nocturnal by Sunnyside Games. You’ll be following the story of another potential night owl called Ardeshir. It seems that he’s been gone for a very long time but makes his way home only to find it covered with a mysterious dark mist. No one knows where it came from but you have the power to carve through it with fire. Wield your flaming blade as you cut through the darkness and the entities given life by it. It’s a gloomy but nice-looking 2D action-adventure game with hot hands.

Nocturnal will release on June 7 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Zombie Soup

Zombie Soup Trailer

Zombies are gonna be around forever ,which makes them kinda tragic if you think about it. That’s probably why so many games do their best to give you tons of opportunities to put them out of their misery. AeonSparx Interactive is providing plenty of chances in working on Zombie Soup which also doubles as a suggestion for what zombies can become. You’re a chef and your knives are bullets as you take on the role of a young guy named Ricky. He was just a traveler passing through but is now trapped in a small town ripped from the ’80s that is overrun with zombies. Thankfully there are plenty of weapons up for grabs to defend yourself and carve a new town history in this vibrant 3D top-down shooter of the radical variety.

Zombie Soup will release on June 7 on PC.

Oblivion Override

Oblivion Override Trailer

Remember the Castlevania games? We’re unlikely to see any new entries, but remakes and occasionally inspired titles do very well when they appear on the market. This is good news for Oblivion Override, which has yet to be led onto the stage by the Humble Mill. It’s a 2D action-platform game with smooth graphics and rigging animation. You’re playing as some sort of robotic ninja warrior trained in all manners of melee and ranged combat with weapons from the past and the future. You’ll be using acrobatics like wall-running and wall-jumping as you navigate the ever-shifting wall of a vast dungeon filled with creatures and robots. Don’t feel bad if you fall apart, the roguelike mechanics at play will pick you back up and let you try again in a new arrangement.

Oblivion Override will release on June 14 on PC and Switch.

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow Trailer

I’d say the average person spends at least an hour staring off into space and dreaming about whatever pops into their head. Still, daydreams can be as dangerous as they are blissful and can even be a source of torment. Despite the cartoon world that Frozen Line is creating, Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow has a darker side to it. Taking on the role of a man named Griffin, you find yourself in a twisting and wonderful dream world full of enigmatic places and strange beings. The world itself poses a very real threat to Griffin, but he’s not alone as he has a trusty and adorable companion in a teddy bear named Birly. The goal is to find piece by navigating all the trials and challenges that the daydream presents but that’s not all. There are some hostile and nightmarish creatures lurking in the corners of the mind that are constantly in pursuit. Run, jump, climb, interact, and think your way out of this place to a hopefully more calm state of mind for Griffin.

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow will release on June 14 on PC.

Fall of Porcupine

Fall of Porcupine Trailer

Healthcare is an extremely important system that many people don’t have access to in one way or another. There are methods in place to help get access, but they’re not always friendly or even easy to understand. A chance to explore the complexity and issues that the system possesses can be found in the soon-to-be-released Fall of Porcupine by Critical Rabbit. In a vein similar to Night in the Woods, you follow the story of Finley who is a doctor in training at a hospital in the small town of Porcupine. As he adjusts to his new life and career, Finely and you will spend a lot of time getting to know the small and quaint little town. Not only are your healthcare colleagues full of life, character, and secrets, but the various patients and residents also have plenty to say and to hide. In a town this small, healthcare has a huge amount of influence and impact, but what ends could that be twisted toward? You need to help Finley find the truth.

Fall of Porcupine will release on June 15 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Nova Lands

Nova Lands Trailer

Not that I’ve ever done it, but I would think that being stranded on an alien planet would give you a lot of time to think and create. BEHEMUTT offers such a scenario in Nova Lands. It’s a colorful 2D pixel crafting and management game. Specifically, you’ll be controlling your little engineer as they try to establish a working automated system on an alien planet. With the advanced technology you have access to and all the bountiful resources, you can quickly start to build devices, machines, and even bots that you can order to follow certain routines. With your system serving as a base, it will give you the resources and tools needed to explore the planet even further so that you fight some big bad bosses. Factor in what you’ll need for your factory to face the facts of this fiction.

Nova Lands will release in June on PC.