Best Indie Games in May 2022 | Our Top Picks

While we’re still in the period of renewal, there’s a lot to think on and set up for the rest of the year. Yes, it’s a time to revisit all your plans and make sure you’re keeping up with your goals. There are always chances to make changes in your life and optimize your free time. However, it’s easy to fall into a constant state of work at your job and your own projects. If you’re not careful, you’ll forget to take time out for leisure activities. As always, we recommend playing games. And as luck would have it, great indie games launch every month. If you’d like to unwind a little, check out these new indie games releasing this May.

Upcoming Indie Games in May 2022

Gold Hunter

Many of us are constantly in the search for riches. Some of us dedicate our lives to working up the ladder, starting a business, or simply getting lucky, history has a lot to say about those who went looking for fortune. There was the Gold Rush, the Silver Rush, and now there’s a game attempting to capture that kind of experience. In the upcoming Gold Hunter by eXtreme Studios, you play someone seeking their fortune in the great wilderness. You’ll have to pour all your efforts and resources into building what you need in order to strike it rich.

Gold Hunter will release for PC this May.


Nostalgia is a powerful thing and it’s one of the reasons why people are still trying to make games that look like them. What’s interesting is how these folks are going to implement modern gameplay with old-school graphics. That’s what the team at Elion Games is trying to do with their title Everblade. Like the classic platformers of yore, you are a warrior on an adventure to save your world from dying. You have to master all the classic movements like jumping and climbing to reach your goal while dealing with the hard level layouts along the way.

Everblade will release for PC on May 6.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Sometimes RPGs can be slow-paced with a gradual build-up and sometimes they can have more action than you can manage. First, there was the flashy brawling world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and now we’re going backward. Those at Natsume Atari are releasing a prequel to that game in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. This RPG puts you in the role of several heroes adventuring across a colorful fantasy world full of strange creatures and conflicts. When you’re not fighting, you’ll be back at your hometown making sure everything is working at max capacity.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will release for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on May 10.

Harvest Days

Though many of us have never even stepped foot on a farm, the lifestyle continues to appeal to us. We associate farm life with hard and honest work in the outdoors against the backdrop of a simple life. There are many farming games out there, but sometimes you need to wait for the one that appeals most to you. Maybe Harvest Days by Family Devs is the title you’ve been waiting to play. With an open world, 3D graphics, and a stronger business angle, this can prove to be a solid investment.

Harvest Days will release for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on May 12.

Eternal Threads

Every day we are faced with choices and we have no idea how they will affect our lives. We don’t always know when a big decision is coming and what we’ll do when it does arrive. The scary thing is that we don’t get a redo and we have to live with the consequences. Those at Cosmonaut Studios are trying to bring the weight of this feeling to their game Eternal Threads. In this sci-fi adventure, you’ll control an astronaut of sorts as they go through a deep journey crossing time and space. You’ll need to use your powers wisely and decide what’s best for the story you want to tell.

Eternal Threads will release for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on May 20.

My Time At Sandrock

The strange thing about Early Access games is that it’s easy to forget they’re Early Access. We’ve gotten to a point where whenever we see that bright blue text box, we just expect the game to never get rid of it. But, many titles have proven us wrong and My Time At Sandrock is going to be another one. The people at Pathea Games are finally finishing their project and bringing this full-fledged sandbox game to the market. Now you’ll be able to fully farm, build, harvest, explore, develop, fight, and do whatever the world lets you in this cartoon fantasy realm. Sandrock is finally ready for you to officially move in and set up shop.

My Time At Sandrock will release for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on May 26.

Moo Lander

The idea that aliens are mainly interested in abducting cows for research and more was started by a person who remains unknown. Cows are large gentle creatures, but it’s curious as to why aliens would devote so much time to them. The Sixth Hammer tries to answer this question with their upcoming title Moo Lander. As the name implies, you’ll be in control of a flying saucer trying to find as much milk as you can. However, this means you’ll have to tangle not only with regular cows but mutant cows that will fight back. It’s a 2D sci-fi journey about flying around, solving puzzles, finding goodies, and dealing with any and all cows that you come across.

Moo Lander will release for PC and Switch on May 27.


The word “Gloom” doesn’t inspire much confidence and it’s once that we try to avoid whenever we can. The thing is that we can avoid the gloom when it enters our lives so the best we can do is try to deal with it or turn it into something beneficial. You’ll be able to find ways to use it in Gloomgrave by Netmancer. Though gloom isn’t your main form of power, it’s definitely a big part of the game’s atmosphere. A true dungeon-crawler, you will control a Gloomcrawler with parts and abilities in order to get as deep as you can in the dungeon that lies before you. It may take you a few different loadouts, but it’s worth it to reach the treasure at the end of it all.

Gloomgrave will release on PC and Android this May.