Best Indie Games In November 2022 | Our Top Picks

Even though we may be wrapping up the spooky season, the feel of autumn is still in full swing. Not all of us may be experiencing the rain, wind, and possible snow associated with it, but you can still find reasons to stay indoors. For example, you could take a crack at the huge gaming backlog that continues to pile up. Or perhaps you’re ready to add a bunch of great indie games to that holiday stockpile. If you’re struggling with the latter, then you’ve come to the right place. That’s because there are loads of new indie games set to release in November. Some carry spoopy vibes while others fall to relaxation. Either way, here’s our list of the best upcoming indies in November.

Upcoming Indie Games in November 2022

Against the Storm

If you’re familiar with history, you’ll notice that all great empires are destined to fall at some point. However, maybe things would be different if people knew that the fall was coming. Check out what’s happening with Against the Storm by Eremite Games. As the title hints, you are leading a civilization against the storm that is its upcoming apocalyptic ruination. With this knowledge, you’ll need to use every resource and strategy at your disposal to make sure that the civilization continues to survive. However, such survival will not come without risk and sacrifice.

Against the Storm will release on November 1 for PC.

From Space

Aliens have invaded the Earth! Quite a popular headline among games, you rarely ever hear about aliens invading other planets and how those societies are coping with it. Still, humans are scrappy fighters as shown in From Space by Triangle Studios. Instead of an organized alien invasion, it seems like you’re fighting a force of nature. The aliens have taken the form of an all-consuming infestation that’s sweeping across the Earth. It’s up to you alone (or with friends) to grab some gear and guns so you can clean up the mess. Shoot everything purple and hope for the best.

From Space will release on November 3 for PC and Switch.

Beneath Oresa

There are so many ways to explore a dungeon that devs are struggling to come up with new ones. Despite that, the RNG of doing so with cards remains interesting and exciting. You’ll be able to get more of this from Broken Spear Inc. once they release Beneath Oresa. In a wasteland-fantasy setting, you and other companions who decide to join you set out to plunder the depths of the dungeons and mysteries that lie under the city of Oresa. Collect the card you need for all the attacks, skills, items, and magic that you’ll need to explore as deeply as possible.

Beneath Oresa will release on November 3 for PC.

Doors: Paradox

Doors are arguably one of the most common yet mysterious structures in existence. Until it actually opens, absolutely anything can be behind it. Big Loop Studios took this overwhelming mystery potential and put it behind Doors: Paradox. From your own perspective, you’ll find yourself in a series of unusual realms filled with doors built into standalone structures. You’ll be free to look at them from every angle to see all the details and learn about where they come from. By doing this and collecting the right pieces, you may actually be able to open these doors and behind the truth on the other side.

Doors: Paradox will release on November 4 for PC and Android.

Nadir: A Grimdark Deckbuilder

Do you think you can get enough deck-building action?! Well, you can’t because there’s never enough. Each deck-builder introduces their own flavor of cards, mechanics, strategy, and RNG to keep things fresh. A new and unexpected take on such a structure is Nadir: A Grimdark Deckbuilder by Team Nadir and Black Eye Games. In this gothic and grim dark fantasy world, your goal is to expand and take over the underworld. In order to do this, you’ll need to fight the competition. The strange thing is that when it comes to playing cards, it will cost you a specific enemy action that you’ll see coming. You’ll need to protect yourself against your own choices.

Nadir: A Grimdark Deckbuilder will release on November 8 for PC.

Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime

Knights are noble and frequently depicted as fighting in epic medieval tales of old in order to slay dragons, rescue princesses, and other heroic deeds of daring do. It’s not often that you can picture knights IN SPACE and what they would even be doing there. Well, Spiritus Games is going to answer that with Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime. This intergalactic fairytale is a top-down brawler where you pilot a ship that serves as your suit of armor and swings weapons around. Challenge other space knights for dominance, take their stuff, upgrade, and be the best in space.

Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime will release on November 10 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Creature Lab

Frankenstein’s Monster did a lot for the gothic genre and a lot for the horror genre, but people tend to forget about the mind behind his creation, Dr. Frankenstein. There are definitely games that have you playing as a mad scientist, but it’s not always obvious. Image Power S.A. fixes this with the upcoming title Creature Lab. Right there on the front page, you are taking on the role of a mad scientist whose only goal in life is to find test subjects and make something new out of them. You’ll have a full lab full of tools, chemicals, and bodies to work with as you create the perfect creature. With each one you make, you gain another staff member who can be sent out into the city to get more subjects and materials.

Creature Lab will release on November 17 for PC.

Ship of Fools

There are so many appealing aspects of life at sea, but one of the biggest is the sense of adventure. A whole new kind of seafaring journey awaits in Ship of Fools by Fika Productions. The title may refer to the foolish errand you’re undertaking: Trying to stop a cataclysmic event known as the “Aquapocalypse” with nothing but an old ship and a couple of goofy crewmembers. With rogue elements to keep the sea mysterious and dangerous, you’ll be sailing across monster-filled waters as you fight your way to the next dock. Pick up whatever you can to keep your ship shape, upgrade it, arm it and yourselves, and just maybe, you’ll make it to the horizon.

Ship of Fools will release on November 22 for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.