Biomuntant Bunker 101 Chest | How to Get the Last Chest

You start Biomutant alone and lost, stuck in an old-world bunker that you barely even recognize. However, as you work your way through the bunker, you’ll find yourself scraping for resources and really making strides towards your future. At the top of a rope, however, you run into Biomutant‘s first carrot-on-a-stick: The Bunker 101 chest. It’s just out of your reach, and going for it makes you drop quite a bit. How do you get to the game’s first hard-to-reach loot source? Thankfully, it’s pretty easy.

How to Get the Bunker 101 Chest in Biomutant

Biomutant Bunker 101 Chest

To get the Bunker 101 chest, climb to the top of the rope ladder and look to the right. You should see a small piece of concrete that sticks out from the corner just enough for your character to stand on. Jump to it, and then head along that wall, circling around until you get to the platform the chest is located on. Pop that sucker open, and you’ve just got the Bunker 101 Chest in Biomutant.

If you missed this chest, please don’t worry! It’s really not worth stressing over or trying to go back for; it just has a few higher-tier healing supplies inside of it. You’re not missing an early game upgrade or even any significant crafting supplies. It’s just there to give you extra healing resources. Even by the time you get it in the main campaign, you’re probably already flooded with healing! It’s not worth going back for.

However, if you’re at this part of the game and you’re wanting to grab it just in case, you don’t have to worry about it until near the end of the dungeon. It’s right before you meet Out-Of-Date. Chest like these aren’t too common in Biomutant, so don’t worry too much about scanning every single possible jump and crevice for treasure. Just keep an eye out as your playing, and if you happen to see one, pop it open to see what lies inside.