Biomutant Agility | What Does It Do?

Agility is one of the six primary attributes in Biomutant, alongside Vitality, Intellect, Charisma, Strength, and Luck. All of these attributes factor into your stats. These include general stats such as movement speed, health, and loot chance, offensive stats such as melee damage and critical chance, and equipment and weapon stats such as accuracy, fire rate, and consumable durations, and resistances. This guide will cover the purposes of the Agility attribute, as well as walk you through how to upgrade it.

What Does Agility Do in Biomutant?

Biomutant Agility

Agility, as you may have guessed from the previous list of stats, is directly tied to your movement speed. It doesn’t factor into any of your other stats at all. Reload rates and weapon fire rates are not tied to Agility but are instead tied to weapons. Similarly, your ability to dodge attacks is not defined by Agility, but by your Vitality. All you will be getting by increasing this attribute is pure speed.

When you first make your character, after selecting the breed, you will have the option to mutate your character. You will be given 150 points to spend on attributes, but Luck is locked at ten, so really just 140 to spend on the other five. Each attribute will start with 28 by default, and you can move around these points as you please. Do keep in mind that increasing one stat here will decrease the rest, so be wary of your Charisma, Vitality, Intellect, and Strength if you decide to double down on Agility.

Further increasing your Agility is done upon level-ups. Every time your level increases by one, you will be given ten more points to spend on a primary stat or attribute of your choice. To increase your movement speed, simply choose to put these ten points into this attribute. Before you know it, you’ll have leveled up your Ability stat and will be a force to be reckoned with!

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