Biomutant Best Automaton Upgrades | Which Automations to Choose

There are a few event quests that track along with you in Biomutant. One of the more intriguing lines involves a Mirage, a specter of your past that you must catch to see a memory of your childhood. These memories aren’t always great, but they always end up with a new Automaton upgrade, or function, for you to play with! What Automaton function should you start with, and what order should you select your upgrades afterwards?

What are the Best Automaton Upgrades in Biomutant?

Biomutant Best Automaton Upgrades

There are a handful of Automaton upgrades in Biomutant, so figuring out the best order to upgrade them can be a tough task, so we’ve done it for you. Here are the best Automation functions in the game.

  1. Glider: The Glider adds a small amount of mobility to your toolkit. Because you don’t have many options to use out in the open, even the tiny amount of distance the Glider offers can be useful in the right situation. The combat buffs the Automaton give you are not as good as a brand new mobility option!
  2. Boost: The Boost gives you a flat damage buff. For most ranged builds, and dual-wielding melee weapons, this can massively boost your potential damage. Great for shredding bosses! If you need safety more than you need damage, you might want to take the following buff instead.
  3. Health Injector: If you like hoarding healthkits, this Health Injector heals you for 50% of your max HP with a three-minute cooldown. Not as good as most health kits, but you aren’t spending anything, and you get the health instantly rather than through health regen. That can save you!
  4. Turret: The turret pings enemies for an abysmally small amount of damage. That can be enough to stagger and distract smaller targets, but you’re probably going to be the main source of damage even after the Turret is picked up.

Thankfully, order doesn’t matter too much with the best Automaton upgrades. The Mirage spawns pretty consistently after you run into it for the first time. Make sure you take any opportunity you can to leap into the arms of the gentle giant. It’ll improve your Automaton every time!

When you get near it, a cutscene plays so you can hone in on where you need to go. Follow him if he moves, though he very rarely does. It’s worth taking a moment to Interact with him!