Biomutant Best Breed | Which Breed Should You Choose?

Biomutant asks you early on what type of furry friend you want to start as. While the choice is always difficult, these guys bring some stats to the table. That means there’s probably a best one for whatever build you’re looking for! The best breed in Biomutant is a somewhat loaded question, since each of them have their pros and cons. Our guide to the breeds will help you start off strong!

What’s the Best Breed in Biomutant

Biomutant Best Breed

The best breed for a starting player in Biomutant is the Rex, since it has great all-round stats for any playstyle. The Dumdon is the best melee class, while the Fip is the best caster, once you know exactly what build you’re going for. Hyla are a safe option, but not too necessary in this game. The Murgel and Primal sacrifice combat power for weird utility, and in a game as combat-focused as Biomutant, that might not be in your best interest.

That being said, it’s important to look at all of the breeds and figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are so that you can find the best breed for your playstyle. In general, here’s what we found with each one:

  • Primal: All-rounder with relatively low Ki. High critical hit rate.
  • Dumdon: Better melee damage, lower Ki stats.
  • Rex: All-rounder. Lower Critical Rate than Primal, but better stats overall.
  • Hyla: Higher health, lower Ki stats, and damage.
  • Fip: Fantastic Ki stats, lower melee damage, and health.
  • Murgel: Low combat stats, high effective Charisma and Luck.

Primal suffers a lot from lower Ki stats, and the critical hit bonus doesn’t quite compensate. It’s not useless, but compared to the Rex, the Primal doesn’t have much reason to see gameplay.

Dumdon and Hyla are contending for the Sentinel class favorite, and the Dumdon just hits harder. If you want to just beat people to death, the Dumdon will be useful.

The Fip is the Dumdon, but magical. Their melee and health are bad, but they have the ki to be a consistent spellcaster. The perfect Psi-Freak… Which sounds like an insult.

Rex are great for hybrid builds, like a Dead-Eye who wants to do some psi stuff.

Murgel is a bit weird. They have great luck and charisma, making them great for when combat ends. But, their combat stats suffer just a touch. Good for a ranged build that doesn’t have to risk their health, especially for a critical hit-based character!

With all of these stats together, you could make an argument for any of these to be the best class in Biomutant. However, for a brand new player, the Rex will give you the most build flexibility; you won’t be dying due to low health, your melee attacks hit fine, and your ki is good.

Also, you can always change your stats afterwards with the Genetic Distribution mechanic. So, no matter what race you are, you can always be built for a specific role! Do remember that, if your stat is high in a specific category, you gain less for upgrading it in the future!