Biomutant Biohazard Suit | How to Get

As you explore the post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant, you have a lot of dangerous areas to fear. Walking into a nuclear power plant might not be that good of an idea, without proper protection. While your armor can help you get through, no armor is better for your health than the Biohazard Suit. This suit will protect you from the toxic elements of the Toxanol corporation, but you’ll need to get it first. Thankfully, this is the earliest suit you can grab in the game!

How to Get Biohazard Suit in Biomutant

Biomutant Biohazard Suit

You can find the Biohazard Suit location in Pingdish 6E, to the east of the Sknapptrutt Outpost. The actual location of the suit is Bangshelter 6D, directly south of the outpost and west of the Bio Nucleus 6D. Entering this short dungeon and getting through it will reward you with the Biohazard Suit, as well as a few sources of Superb Loot.

The Biohazard Suit is a resistance-focused set of armor, which means you aren’t going to have high physical resistance while wearing it. What it gives you is a massive amount of Nuclear Resistance; 20% on the Head, 75% on the Torso, and 50% on the Legs. That’s 145% Nuclear Resistance! A bit much, even for the most nuclear-sick critter. So, you can instead equip however much of the suit required to get you to 100%! So, if you equip the head and torso, you just need to find 5% Nuclear Resistance with the shoulders or the legs.

This is one of five suits that you can gather throughout the game. The Biohazard Suit is the earliest and most important one to grab, unless you find armor that increases your resistance in other ways. You can get this early, and then you can explore Bio Nucleus zones. These zones get you a ton of Mutation Points, which can be handy for specific builds!

Loving Biomutant and all of its post-apocalyptic glory? We hope this guide helped you through the early game!