Biomutant Bleep Bleep Cupboard | Shopperia 5D Arcade Cabinet Location

There are, frankly, a ridiculous amount of side objectives in Biomutant. From the many different human-world machines that you encounter to raiding bandit camps, you will never be bored as you explore this ruined land. Because of that, you’re always going to have a place to start, since the first optional objective you find gives you the side quest. The Bleep Bleep Cupboard in Shopperia 5D is probably the earliest arcade cabinet you can find. So, how do you get there?

Where to Find the Bleep Bleep Cupboard in Shopperia

Biomutant Bleep Bleep Cupboard Shopperia

To find the Bleep Bleep Cupboard in Shopperia 5D, head outside of Bricktown to the north. You’ll see a tiny little building between the Murkadorpus Outpost and the square Rito’s Camp; that’s Shopperia, a store from the old times. Once you clear the outside, you’ll be able to save (or punch) a captive, and find the arcade cabinet inside. Solve its puzzle to get Shopperia’s area cleared and start your new fetch quest.

The arcade cabinet has a really fun version of the traditional rotating puzzle. You need to move the joy sticks according to the outside colors. It’s fun, but it’s the same puzzle style as every other puzzle mechanic in Biomutant.

The Bleep Bleep Cupboard is a low-priority old-world machine since it doesn’t give you loot. It’s there to world build and give you a handful of XP. That’s still pretty nice, and Shopperia 5D is still great to go for; that Captive is super nice to grab!

But, since you’re in town, this is a great objective to grab, and is essential for helping you find future cabinets. If you’re even thinking about a 100% run-through, this is going to be a critical place to find so that you can know where future cabinets are located. Biomutant has a seemingly infinite amount of side objectives. This cabinet isn’t too hidden in the little shop, but you want to grab it for the future.