Biomutant Bricktown Clothes Soaker | How to Get Washing Machine

To say that Biomutant has a ton of different objectives to chase after is an understatement. In the first town you get to alone, you have to chase after three different machines! One of these machines is the Bricktown Clothes Soaker, a washing machine from our time. It’s got a puzzle attached to it, and it has some incredibly strong loot if you’re willing to find it! However, it can be a bit of a chore to find, especially during your first time through. We’ll help you find the washing machine quickly!

How to Get the Bricktown Clothes Soaker in Biomutant

Bricktown Bricktown Clothes Soaker

To get the Bricktown Clothes Soaker, head east of the subway exists, and go to the lower level of town. Look through the storefronts and inside one of them will be a laundramat, and thus has a ton of different clothes soakers lined up in front of it. One of them will have a red light on it. Touch it and solve the puzzle to turn it on, and retrieve your extremely powerful loot!

The clothes soaker puzzle is par for the course for Biomutant. Simply shift the dials until the lights line up to one another. If you fail the puzzle, you can always try again… As long as the puzzle didn’t kill you!

Clothes Soakers, and old machines like it, all offer a huge loot upgrade for completing their puzzle. This is most likely going to be a piece of armor. Considering how early on you most likely are in Bricktown, you’re going to want a new upgrade to your armor; this game starts to chip you hard during fights, especially on the higher difficulties! The machine isn’t too out of the way, either, so it might even be worth grabbing during speedruns or quick playthroughs; it’s that much of an upgrade!