Biomutant Bricktown Flush Stool | Where to Find Toilet

While wandering throughout the impressive world of Biomutant, you might run into some relics of the foolish humans of the past. Finding these relics does more than just record things for the history books, too! You’re going to want some extra loot, aren’t you? Well, I hope you don’t mind how it smells… The Bricktown Flush Stool will be a great source of early game loot for you, but it is fairly tricky to find. Don’t worry; we have you covered!

Where to Find the Bricktown Flush Stool in Biomutant

Biomutant Bricktown Flush Stool

In order to get to the Bricktown Flush Stool, head to the middle of Bricktown and look around. Once you find a building with graffiti replacing its sign (see image above), then you’ve found the building with the toilet in it! Head to the back of the building, hook a right down the stairs, and go inside the little room on the left. Then, you just need to unclog the toilet to get your… “shiny” new loot!

The toilet, once found, needs to be unclogged with a rotation puzzle. This works the same as all of the others; match the farthest nodes with the colors on the pipe, and then the interior nodes match the outside nodes’ lights. You can try again if you did it wrong; you’ll just take some damage, and the narrator will probably make fun of you.

While getting the Bricktown Flush Stool is disgusting, your new item is going to be a massive upgrade at this point in the game. It will probably either be a craftable weapon part, high-power armor piece, or an add-on to make your current armor even more durable. No matter what you find though, the Flush Stool is worth checking out at least once!

It is part of a questline that spans throughout the game; locating more of the toilets of the old world is an actual side quest! That being said, it’s best not to rush this side quest, and just let it be a marker for how many interesting places you’ve headed to! Just… maybe take a shower after you complete it. You’ve dove into a ton of toilets for that checkmark!