Biomutant Bricktown Vault Location | Where is Bricktown’s Vault?

As is standard with most RPGs, Biomutant has you track down huge loot rooms. The first loot room you can encounter comes fairly early in the main campaign; right outside of Bricktown no less! The Bricktown Vault is Biomutant‘s first huge loot room, and it is certainly worth checking out your first time through. That being said, you’d be forgiven for missing it; the game doesn’t direct you right to it. So, if you missed it or if you’re worried about missing it, we’ll bring you to the Vault!

Where to Find the Bricktown Vault in Biomutant

Biomutant Bricktown Vault

To get to Bricktown Vault, head to the center bottom portion of the map, where Bricktown is located. Once there, head out of the ruined town towards the north; it will be near a train track on the ground floor of a canyon, to the left of a massive cliff. If you encounter a horrible creature that starts a boss fight, then you’re right there! Take the creature down, and you’ll get a sidequest that will bring you through the mountain right to the Bricktown Vault.

The Vault offers a ton of additional goodies. You’ll get a handful of medpacks, so it’s good to come here if you need to resupply (either because you’ve been selling them, hoarding them, or just want more). It’s also got some good parts for gear, so when you craft you’ll be ready to rumble.

Finally, opening the gold glowing chest will reward you with some good gear! It’s Level 8, so you have access to this stuff before you can really equip it. Still, this is almost certainly an upgrade for you, and worth your time to quickly dig through. The boss fight isn’t too difficult either and it’s on your road towards the Jangi base (or from the Jangi base!). This is a quick and painless way to get your upgrades, though the boss might take up some time.