Biomutant Cable Puzzle Solution | How to Solve

The cable puzzle is one of Biomutant’s three types of puzzles. These puzzles require you to generate a value by connecting cables into particular ports, that match the one at the bottom of the puzzle. This guide will cover how these puzzles work, as well as some tips to solve them. The way these puzzles appear will vary depending on your game difficulty.

How to Solve the Cable Puzzle in Biomutant

To solve a cable puzzle, you need to match the green letters on the bottom to the white letters. To move the cables in these puzzles and simply interact with one end of a cable and click on a port to move it. You will have a limited number of moves to complete the puzzle, but luckily, you can determine the solution to the puzzle before actually making any moves. Completing the puzzle will increase your intellect, which will increase the number of allowed moves for later puzzles. You start with ten.

Each port in the puzzle will add a certain number of letters, indicated by the letters above the port, but can also subtract some letters, indicated by the letters beneath the port. You are going to want to ensure that the sum of the ports you are plugged into is equal to the number of letters in the white key at the bottom. Easier puzzles will have just one letter (X), while harder puzzles will have more.

Biomutant Cable Puzzle

Let’s start with one of the easier puzzles, shown above, which features just one letter. An easy way to think about these ones is to consider the net change that comes from each movement. For example, say you grabbed the cable in the very bottom-left slot and moved it up to the very top-left slot, this would have a net change of +2. This is because you are going from an [XXX, -XX] port to an [XXX] port, thus the total increases by two, which is exactly what you need to solve the cable puzzle! Simply consider what needs to be added, then find a move that produces that net change.

Biomutant Cable Puzzle

Consider the above cable puzzle, which is a bit more complicated. The easiest way to tackle these is one letter at a time. As you can see, two X’s are needed, so count all the X’s that are available on the board. There are two in the upper corners, two double-X’s in the row below, then two negative-X’s as well. This sums to four, which means you will need all but two of them to be activated. Repeat this process for the Y’s and Z’s, and you’ll find that you need all but one Y and all but one Z. What this accomplishes is it significantly reduced the problem. Now instead of focusing on the sum of the ports that are activated, focus on the ones that aren’t. It should be quite trivial which ports need to be left alone if you want the empty ports to sum to XXYZ:

Biomutant Cable Puzzle

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