Biomutant Change Appearance | How to Use Mutation Spot

Biomutant is a pretty standard RPG on all fronts. Usually, this means that you can’t change appearances very much after the game begins. Your character isn’t designed to be a constantly altering figure, after all! That being said, since you are living in a nuclear apocalypse, there are actually some ways to change your appearance. Mutation Spots in Biomutant are your key to changing how your character is built, and that means you can augment them to better fit your weapons and armor. This guide will explain how this mechanic works!

How to Change Your Appearance in Biomutant

Biomutant Change Appearance

Mutation spots in Biomutant are area objectives where you can find in highly nuclear spots across the world that allow you to change appearances. Bio Nucleus 8C is the earliest nuclear plant you can get to, which means you’ll need high Nuclear resistance to avoid dying. However, with high enough nuclear resistance, you can head inside of the Bio Nucleus, head to the underground, defeat the irradiated miniboss, and go to the irradiated circle on the ground. Finally, you can spend 1 Bioblob in order to change your appearance.

The Mutation Spot can be used multiple times, but each time costs a Bioblob. Thankfully, just getting to the Mutation Spot will reward you with six Bioblobs for you to spend at your leisure! While you might want to spend it on resistances or mutations, this is a very cheap method of changing your character’s appearance.

That said, it can be hard to see your character behind that armor. And the Bio Nucleus 8C does not change anything other than body type. Fur color may be an option in the future, but not in this early dead zone area. If you want other customization options, you may need to explore further into the game and find more irradiated areas.