Biomutant Change Mounts | How to Choose Between Mounts

You come across quite a wide selection of beasts in Biomutant. From elk to goats to strange balls of the Void, you can ride anywhere you want in style. However, as soon as you jump on a new mount, your Biological Mount hotkey gets overridden with your new furry friend. That’s no good! How can you change mounts and choose between different mounts that you’ve collected in Biomutant? And does selecting a new mount keep you from collecting an old mount?

How to Choose Between Mounts in Biomutant

Biomutant Change Mounts

In order to change mounts in Biomutant, head to the Transport tab on your menu. This is in the same section as your Map and Journals (the top wedge) and is the third option you can select. Under this tab, all of the biological mounts that you’ve collected will be displayed, and you can choose between them. That means you can have a lot of different mounts!

Because of that, you don’t need to worry about replacing anything you find in the wild. Whether you’ve bought a new license or otherwise, they’re all going to be in your inventory.

When you change mounts from your Transport menu, it will automatically replace your old mount on your Transport hotbar. Once again, that doesn’t mean your old mount disappears. You’ll be able to find it in this menu as soon as you ride it for the first time. Heck, you can even call out multiple mounts at the same time! You can compare them just like a road-show if you really want to.

If you’re looking for new and cool mounts, there are two major methods to find them: You can buy licenses in cities, or you can run into them in the wild. In the wild, you might encounter the Meat Eater, and you’ll have to fend him off to get the mount as a reward. Otherwise, the licenses aren’t too expensive. Just make sure you don’t already have one of the creatures they’re selling in the Transport menu. Don’t need to waste your Green!