Biomutant Fall Damage | Is There Falling Damage?

Biomutant is not a world dedicated to being serious all the time. You’ve got a lot of horrifying themes and pretty hardcore messages throughout the game. So, when the game offers you massive cliffs and gorgeous falls, you might be wary. Are you going to die from a fall in Biomutant? Does the game have fall damage at all? The answer may be surprising!

Does Biomutant Have Fall Damage?

Biomutant Falling Damage

Biomutant does not have traditional fall damage, in that diving off of an irregularly high cliff doesn’t cost you any health. When you fall from a great height, your character will stagger but get up without being harmed. If you drop from even higher, your character will elegantly swan dive directly into the dirt and faceplant. This will stun you for a few seconds, but you’ll be completely unharmed when you get up.

The lack of fall damage is great; Biomutant has so many environments where jumping off of a massive cliff comes in handy. You might see an enemy encampment at the bottom of the canyon that you want to grab. Or it might even be something as minor as dropping down to get a health kit or basic chest. You will not suffer any consequences for doing this, other than maybe needing to climb all the way back up afterward.

The only time where this might be a problem is faceplanting directly into a fight since that’s almost going to be guaranteed damage on you. Watch where you leap!

Now, you might be wondering if a Mount has the same freedom as you. After all, a horse doesn’t really faceplant as elegantly as you, right? Well… It doesn’t seem too bad at all. Your mount goes into a complete collapse if you jump from any higher than ground level, but it will consistently get right back up afterward. Heck, you can even jump your mount right into the water, if you want to be a complete monster.

Both you and any mount you tame are completely immune to the harmful effects of fall damage. Cliff dive all you want!