Biomutant Fast Travel | Why Is it Disabled?

As you move across the massive world of Biomutant, you are going to want to fast travel a lot. It’s free, instantaneous (if you don’t count loading screens), and is so important for when NPCs tell you to go across the world. All of that makes this tool so critical, and it sometimes just doesn’t work. Why might that be? And are there any quick fixes to this problem? There’s a simple answer to both of these questions!

Why is Fast Travel Disabled in Biomutant

Biomutant Fast Travel

Fast Travel is disabled in Biomutant if you are underground, during combat, or if you are mounted. If you are mounted, you can simply dismount (while aboveground) and you should be allowed to fast travel. Otherwise, you’ll need to get aboveground, or you might need to take out an enemy who saw you and is currently trying to chase you down.

You can fast travel to any area which has set up a location post for you to claim. You can often claim these posts without interacting with them, but it is safer to interact just to make sure the game recognizes that you were there. As long as a yellow dot shows up on the map screen, you will be able to fast travel back to that point. That is, given you aren’t underground, in combat, or mounted.

In most cases, dismounting will be enough to ensure that you can fast travel. Don’t expect this to always be the case, however. Sometimes, such as when you dive headfirst into the water, the game may think you’re in danger and prevent fast travel. In those cases, try to get to shore quickly! If you’re in the Surfipelago, the Googlide can be taken to shore for a fast travel pitstop.

Most dungeons are considered to be underground for the purposes of fast travel. However, most dungeons also let you have a shortcut to leave. Find the shortcut and climb to the surface, and you should be good to travel one again.