Biomutant Freezing Status | What Does Freezing Mean?

Biomutant has a few status effects that you can spread around or become inflicted with. One of the earliest status effects that you gain access to is the Freezing status. This is a pretty great boon for you, but it can become a powerful tool for your enemies as well. You might be dishing it out now, but eventually you’re going to run into a problem. So, how do you avoid the Freezing status in Biomutant, and what does it actually mean?

How to Avoid Freezing Status in Biomutant

Biomutant Freezing Status

In order to avoid the Freezing status, you’ll want to boost your Cold Resistance. This blue orb increases when you equip armor that specifically boosts Cold Resistance. Armor and armor add-ons can upgrade your resistance and keep you from taking Cold Damage and stacking your Freezing Status. Otherwise, all you can do to avoid it is not get hit by your enemies’ freezing attacks.

When you get your first freezing weapon, everything becomes great in the world! You get to hit an enemy until the little circle fills, and then they’re stunned. You can hit them once or twice, and they’ll fall out of their popsicle. But, that means you can keep an enemy frozen and start dealing with another one. Perfect if you’re worried about combat getting a little bit too overwhelming.

You aren’t going to have to worry about the Freezing Status until later into the game. However, once it hits, it’s going to hit hard. You can escape it by hitting buttons, but you’re fairly likely to take another hit as you’re landing. Depending on when you get frozen, that might mean you’re taking more than half your health in damage! In a game that relies on strafing, mobility, and active blocking like Biomutant, being stunned for even a second might mess up your mojo.

Keep your resistances in mind; while the Freezing statues might be the most annoying, any of the statuses can become very deadly to your health bar.