Biomutant Fry Sparker | Where to Find Islands Microwave

Welcome to the mid game! Biomutant is such a large world that has a ton of different objectives and collectables to find. Some of the coolest and most profitable objectives to look for are the old-world machines. The Fry Sparker, and the one that’s close to the Islands, is particularly handy for getting you some good gear. These microwaves offer great loot and progress towards quest completion. Something for everyone! If you’re looking for the Fry Sparker near the Surfipelago, we have you covered!

Where to Find the Islands Fry Sparker in Biomutant

Biomutant Fry Sparker

The Fry Sparker is northeast of the Islands (or Surfipelago), in area 4E. If you have found Krossways 4E, then you’re nearly there! Locate the blue house on top of a nearby hill, which you can see from Hogga Hum, and head inside the front door. Look to the right and you’ll see the microwave, which you can solve in order to get some high quality loot!

Krossways 4E is home to a ton of different loot, and none of it is very easy to find. This item is inside of a blue house that’s fairly distant from the rest of the Krossways, and is even fairly far from Hogga Hum.

However, it’s totally worth the detour! The puzzle isn’t too hard: Just match the notches with the lights on the edges and you’ll be fine. Even if you mess up and fail, you’ll just take some damage and then can try again right away. You can mess up as many times as you like, as long as you don’t die.

While you’re nearby, why not head down the hill towards the white house? You’ll have to fight a big ol’ lizard, but then you can find the TV and get more progress towards quests! You can also visit Hogga Hum to sell and buy any items you’d like.