Biomutant Game Pass | Will it Be on Game Pass?

Experiment 101’s action RPG Biomutantfirst announced back in 2017, has finally got its release date fast approaching. The game is set to release on May 25th to Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $59.99. Of course, owners of next-gen Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles will be able to run this game on their systems as well. If you’re a member of EA Pro Play, then you will be able to play this title absolutely free, but what does that mean for Game Pass users?

Will Biomutant Be on Game Pass?

Biomutant Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass subscribers are likely well aware that EA Play was introduced as a free perk for subscribers back in November. Unfortunately, EA Pro Play is not the same thing, but is instead a higher tier of EA Play that is not included with the subscription. It’s for this same reason that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition did not pop up in your games list either, despite being on EA Pro Play. Biomutant requires this higher-tier subscription and is thus not going to be free with Game Pass.

If you’re strictly an Xbox gamer, then your only option right now is to purchase the full game, as EA Pro Play is PC-exclusive. If PC gaming is your thing as well, then this EA subscription may be your best option, costing just $15 a month. On top of Biomutant and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, you’ll gain access to 236 other titles, including Darksiders III, Titanfall 2, Inside and countless other fantastic titles. Four months of EA Pro Play would cost you the same as the game itself, so if you play to your satisfaction and are done within those four months, you could even save a buck.

THQ Nordic recently released three minutes of PC gameplay, so if you’re unsure of whether to invest in the game now knowing that it’s not on Game Pass, perhaps the gameplay footage will help you gauge your decision.

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