Biomutant Gizmo’s Door | How to Unlock

As you head through the main story of Biomutant, you’re going to run into a quirky inventor named Gizmo. He’s locked himself near the West Root in order to research and build his device to bring down the beast. However, when you get to him… He’s locked up tight! How can you get to him if Gizmo’s Door is locked? Well, there’s a quick way to unlock it, but you best be ready to brawl.

How to Unlock Gizmo’s Door in Biomutant

Biomutant Gizmo's Door

In order to unlock Gizmo’s Door in Biomutant, you must first defeat the enemies in the Chugyard. Clear out the courtyard, then investigate the slightly ajar door at the back of the yard. There will be an enemy that’s working on a bomb; dispatch the enemy and interact with the bomb to disarm it in the most loopy way possible. Then, head down, talk with Gizmo, and you’ll be able to unlock his door on the way out, giving you a shortcut to him.

Gizmo is crucial to the Deadzone part of the game. He is your main inventor during this time, so having quick and easy access to him is going to be important. That being said, the Deadzone is actually pretty terrifying without the Oxygen suit, which is not an early piece of equipment to get. While unlocking Gizmo’s door is a good idea right away, completing his questline might take a while.

That being said, the Chugyard has a surprising number of quests and loot for such a tiny area. You can get some Bio Points in a train car hidden in the back of the yard, and there’s enough medkits and collectables here to last a lifetime! It’s totally worth swinging by early on. Unlocking Gizmo’s Door is only the start of your quest to cleanse the West Root after all; you better start it early!

After all, the more gear you can amass earlier on, the easier it’ll be to survive!