Biomutant Hazard Zones | How to Survive

Biomutant has a lot of areas that are toxic for your poor furry friend. These areas can quickly drain your health if you stay in them for more than a few seconds, and they’re scattered all over the land. What are you supposed to do when you just want to enter a zone to do your quests? Well, the game has some answers, but not always pretty ones. In this guide, we’ll go over the best way to survive Hazard Zones in Biomutant, and what you can do to survive them for long enough.

How to Survive Hazard Zones in Biomutant

Biomutant Hazard Zones

Hazard Zones are less effective on you the more elemental resistance you currently have. For each percentage of elemental resistance, your gauge ticks down slower and slower, and it doesn’t exist if you have 100% resistance. That means you just need a way to build up your resistance to 100%, or high enough that you can duck in and out of a zone without dying.

For a lot of resistances, the safest bet is to get to 100%. You can get more resistance through a few means:

  • Genetic Resistance (from the start of the game)
  • Upgrading Resistance through the Mutation menu
  • Equipping gear that improves resistance

The best way to gain resistance is through the various suits. There are suits for all five hazards scattered throughout the game. You’re expected to go to Ping Dishes (or satellites) to know where each suit is. The suit gives you massive resistance bonuses, easily enough to overcome any challenge with just one or two pieces of the armor. The actual defensive value of the suit is low, so be careful if you need to wear a lot of it!

However, with lucky armor loot, you can get away with just wearing heavily resistant armor. Keep armor with high resistance, if you’re lucky enough to find it!

Oxygen resistance is the hardest to find (since you can’t Mutate oxygen resistance), and thus might be the best suit to locate. It’s also the one farthest from the hazard; you’ll need to get to the top of the map to find it! However, if you can manage to get 50% Oxygen resistance from armor parts, then you can duck in and out of your Mekton suit to explore the Deadzone safely. Oxygen exists while underground, so you don’t even need to stay in that hunk of junk for very long!