Biomutant Hobydunk Underground | How to Get Underground

The world of Biomutant is filled with villages and places to explore. From little hovels to thriving ocean cities, you’d be surprised at the variety of areas that are still around. Hobydunk is one of the biggest cities in the game, and thus it has a ton of stuff to do and things to explore! However, it also has a pretty weird set of objectives. The Hobydunk Underground is one of them, and its Old World Gadget is a whole different story. This guide will get you to both!

How to Get to the Hobydunk Underground in Biomutant

Biomutant Hobydunk Underground

The Hobydunk Underground is a separate Area from Hobydunk that you’ll need your Googlide to get to. You need to jump into the water and head off to the side until you find a cave inside. There’s a shipwreck to explore, which has some superb loot to grab.

This is a pretty minor area compared to other undergrounds, but heading down there will be important for completionists. That’s well worth it!

The other annoying part of Hobydunk is its Old World Gadget, an oven. This oven doesn’t unlock until you take on some quests given to you by an NPC called Lump. He lives further into the Surfipelago, surprisingly close to the Porky Puff’s little arena. Once you get the quest from him, the oven will unlock after you complete the first quest. Then, you can head to the Hobydunk Underground and check off another area on your list.

Biomutant is filled to the brim with places and locations like this. Hobydunk might be a bit abstract because of how distant the Underground is from the actual city. But, most locales still have a ton of things to do and places to explore! That means a lot of room to miss something, however.