Biomutant | How to Craft Guns

If you want to play Biomutant optimally, you’re going to need to craft some guns. There are a lot of parts scattered across the world, and some of those parts can get really strong. If you are able to put them together right, you can easily overcome the power curve and make some truly broken weapons. This goes for the melee weapons you can make as well! If you’re want to know how to craft guns in Biomutant, this guide will help you out!

How to Craft Guns in Biomutant

Biomutant how to craft guns

If you want to know how to craft guns in Biomutant, then you must first get past the main story quest where you play as a child and meet Gizmo. After you beat that, you must gather enough parts to make a gun. You’ll need a grip, a base gun type, and a muzzle. Head to the Gear Menu (the bottom option on the menu wheel) and go to Craft. Choose your Main Hand and head to the Ranged Category and you can start crafting a gun, as long as you have the three parts that make up a gun.

Putting together a gun is more than just the base parts. Once you have a grip, base, and muzzle, you can start using the thing. However, you can also put on a stock, a top mod, and a magazine to further increase your damage (and your magazine size, for the magazine). However, some parts will need raw resources. These can be hard to gather, and some high-level guns will need a lot of each type of skrap! Keep an eye on each skrap you have, and hit those resource totems if you like to craft.

Every part you attach to your gun boosts your damage and can boost your fire rate, armor pierce, and more! You can see on the right side what statistics and special effects your firearm will have.

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