Biomutant | How to Dismount

Mounts are surprisingly important in Biomutant. The world is massive and you’re expected to explore all of it. Even a tiny bit of movement speed is critical, so you should get on your mount’s back. However, there is a weird issue that you might run into; knowing how to dismount. Yeah, if you’re stuck on the back of your mount, then panicking isn’t going to do you any favors. Most of the buttons you might expect to fling you off of horseback does nothing. Thankfully, you’re probably just overthinking things!

How to Dismount in Biomutant

Biomutant how to dismount

If you want to know how to dismount in Biomutant, you just need to hit the Interact button. By default, this is “E” on a Keyboard or your bottom-most button on your controller. This is the same button that you use to get on your mount in the first place. Hitting it again will get you off of it!

This is a bit of a shame because it means you can’t really collect stuff while you’re on a biological (or built) mount. Some mounts override this rule with a Quicktime Event that allows you to interact with the environment, but that’s beside the point.

Mounts are really cool in this game. You can do almost anything on a mount that you could do while on your feet on the back of your mount. This includes jumping (but not double-jumping) and even dodging! You can’t melee, so mounts are better for ranged builds. However, you are also a slightly bigger target, so it’s not always the best for you. Your mount can’t strafe as easily as you, and its turning radius is bad. That’s why it might be better to fight enemies on your feet… Though, roleplaying as a cowboy might still be fun, and it’s far from the least optimal playstyle!