Biomutant Islands Eye Box | How to Get TV

The relics of humanity’s past are scattered all over the amazing world of Biomutant. Whether you’re solving problems to activate washing machines or microwaves, there’s always some reminder of the past of this poor planet. But, there comes a time where the past might hit a bit too close to home. TVs in Biomutant are called Eye Boxes, and it’s up to you to reactivate them. There’s an Islands Eye Box location, but not quite where you might expect. Find out where the first TV of the game is in this quick guide!

Where to Find the Islands Eye Box in Biomutant

Biomutant Islands Eye Box

The Islands Eye Box is in the middle-most region shared between the Jagni and Hyliad races. Head towards the glowing white point on the map; it’s easier to get to this point if you have the Googlide from Subnautica Station. Once you see the area called Krossways 4E, then you’ve reached the location that you’re looking for. Head upstairs and towards the rightmost wall to find the Eye Box.

Unlike most relics of the past, the Eye Box does not immediately give you loot upon fixing it. It instead plays a cute little cartoon with biomutants. It’s not exactly a work of television history, but it’s a cute enough thing that you might find amusing to watch for a minute or two.

Eye Boxes are found much like the other pieces of old-world tech. However, these are so much easier to locate, simply because they make such loud noises the whole time! While they don’t give loot as quickly or easily, you might want to turn them onto cartoons because that’s better than what they sound like while broken. And hey, if you find all of them, you get plenty of XP! That’s not super important, since you’ll find them all by endgame, though! It’s a nice incentive to explore around, but it’s probably the least useful old-world technology on the surface.