Biomutant Islands Mekton Wrekbox Location | Where to Find

The Islands, or Surfipelago, is one of the most interesting and cool places in all of Biomutant. Riding the waves will bring some great loot for you, and you can even skip progress on other quests! One of the most prevalent examples of this is the Islands Mekton Wrekbox of the Surfipelago. Surprisingly, the Surfipelago actually has one of these Wrekboxes, which is great for you! You can get a marker on future Mekton Wrekboxes in the future, and you’ve just made a tiny bit more progress to taking down the puffs. So, let’s get it!

Where to Find the Islands Mekton Wrekbox in Biomutant

Biomutant Islands Mektown Wreckbox

The Mekton Wrekbox isn’t really hidden; it’s at the bottom of the center island next to Tribe Falloutline 3E. Just north of the Wrekbox is the Fluff Hulk Nest, so you can actually avoid going to the nest at all if your just want the box. You can grab the box without having talked to Gizmo first, allowing you do a tiny sequence break. Grab your loot, and now you’ll have a quest telling you where future boxes are.

The Wrekbox is a large, rectangular, wooden box that is hard to miss on the shore. You’ll find it nestled in between the skeleton of a ship and a few buildings. It’s out-of-place enough that you can find it after peeking around, but the above map might be useful if you’re just out of place.

This is part of a 14 part upgrade procedure to get your Mekton working well. Without help, the Mekton isn’t going to be the most actively useful machine. It’ll make it’s way through the Deadzone, but it’s missing a few combat features. Still, you can help Gizmo in your own way, no matter how minor!

We hope this helped you find a Wrekbox, and maybe start finding some more nearby!