Biomutant Jumbo Puff | How to Defeat

Biomutant has four bosses that your character must take out if they want to save the Tree of Life. Should you want to save the Tree, then it’s important to know exactly how you take down the Puffs. Despite having cutesy names, chasing off the Jumbo Puff will be a challenge. Find out how to take down this behemoth in this quick guide!

How to Beat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant

Biomutant Jumbo Puff

The Jumbo Puff is fought in three phases: Normal, Electric, and Destroyed Mech. In the Normal phase, circle-strafing the Jumbo Puff while spamming the mech’s ranged attacks will quickly take it out. In the Electric phase, the same strategy works, but timing a dodge when it whips the electric wire is required to avoid taking critical damage. The Destroyed Mech phase requires the player to move very quickly to avoid being (quite literally) pooped on, and race through an artery to get to the Puff’s heart.

Before fighting the puff, open the Transportation menu to access your Upgrades. You can equip the strongest armor pieces and weapon augments that you have here, which might give you an edge.

The Normal Phase is fairly simple, but the Puff has some big AoEs for you to avoid. Circling the Puff will keep you safe, but melee combat against the Puff is ill-advised, as it has quick grapple attacks that stun you and deals massive damage.

The Electric phase is similar to the Normal phase, and a similar strategy works. However, time your dodge for when the puff whips overhead so that you can ensure you avoid damage.

When the Jumbo Puff rushes at you and destroys your mech, don’t worry — you didn’t fail! This is the final phase, and you must quickly swim out of the stomach and grab the climbing points. Body mucus can knock you off the grab points, so move quickly! Head towards the openings in the Puff’s stomach, and work your way towards the heart. Shoot or slam the heart with melee attacks to end the Jumbo Puff for good!