Biomutant Klawbar Upgrade | How to Get Level 2 Upgrade

Biomutant has a bunch of tools for you to use to get through the world. The Klawbar is acquired very early on in your adventure, and is great for prying open anything you’d like, except some doors and areas are pretty highly reinforced. In those cases, a “Level 2” symbol might have come up, which means you need a better Klawbar. Thankfully, the Level 2 Klawbar upgrade isn’t too difficult to get to, though it will take some time. If you want access to extra loot, then this guide is for you!

How to Get the Level 2 Klawbar Upgrade in Biomutant

Biomutant Klawbar Upgrade Level 2

The Level 2 Klawbar upgrade is found on the left side of the map, between the Deadzone and the Sknapptrutt Outpost. Talk to Pebble, a young deer person who wants you to help him secure climbing posts. Complete his quest, and he is willing to upgrade your Klawbar once, which will allow you to pry open Level 2 doors.

The Klawbarupgrade is primarily useful for exploring dungeons, so if you like loot it’s for you. Level 2 doors are not too common in the game, but they can keep you out of areas that you want to be. That’s a pain in the rear! If you want to explore areas fully and completely, upgrading your Klawbar to Level 2 might be a consistent strategy to ensure that you’re not locked out of anywhere.

This upgrade will take a lot of time to get. Pebble wants you to explore a lot of the map to help put up his climbing posts. It’s not going to take forever, but the third objective is a decent distance away from you.

However, this Klawbar will be annoying as heck if you plan on beating the game 100%. Getting it early will let you into rooms quickly, and thus you can complete dungeons and areas without needing to backtrack.