Biomutant Lumentower | How to Get the Pri Murgel Sword

As is tradition for open-world RPGs, Biomutant has a seemingly infinite number of places to explore. Because of that, you might be wondering about how critical it is for you to touch upon every single environment that you come across. The Lumentower is a part of the southeast part of the Surfipelago, and it is a pain to get to! You need a Level 1 Googlide Engine or you need some amazing parkour skills. However, once you get there, you’ll be able to get the Pri Murgel Sword, which will be a big help as you head into the endgame.

Biomutant Lumentower Pri Murgel Sword Location

Biomutant Lumentower

The Lumentower leads you to a light-based cave, which opens when you interact with it. After slaughtering the creature in there, you can solve a puzzle to unlock the shield around the Pri Murgel Sword. This two-handed sword is a 100 Rarity weapon with maximum quality and materials. If you want the mid and late game to become a breeze, get to the Lumentower stat!

This is a critical component in your build, as long as you can support a two-handed melee weapon. If you went all-in on other types of melee, the Pri Murgel Sword might not be the best fit for your build. However, considering you can get to this part of the game really quickly… Having this massively damaging weapon might not be a bad idea.

You can keep increasing its power with the help of add-ons and changing out the handle, always improving it. That means this weapon can be brought right to any boss in the game without much difficulty.

Seriously; as long as you’ve put any time and effort into your Googlide, the Lumentower should be a pitstop on your way through the Surfipelago. The power boost you get from this cave is out of this world! Biomutant is full of powerful secrets and items so take some time and explore all of the environments the game has to offer!