Biomutant Lupa Lupin | How to Defeat

In Biomutant, the Lupa Lupin has caused you so much pain in the past, and even more pain in the present. This is the game’s secondary antagonist, which you’ll encounter a few times during your adult life. In all of these encounters, he always seems to escape at the last moment. However, there is a time when you are allowed to finally put him down for good. If you’re desperate to take down this absolute monster for good, check out this short guide!

How to Beat Lupa Lupin in Biomutant

Biomutant Lupa Lupin

Lupa Lupin is a main story boss that you’ll encounter after you defeat your second Puff boss. Out-of-Date will inform you about the location of the Camp – just behind the Tree of Life – and it turns out that Lupa-Lupin is actually in there, waiting for you. He actually acts very similar to Big Enemies; dodge his big attacks and keep laying on him with ranged attacks, or take the time after his attacks to melee. Be careful to not get hit, because he devastates your health!

Lupa Lupin does not disappoint; even with overpowered weapons and strong builds, he deals a shocking amount of damage to you and can take a beating. Ranged builds will safely deal damage without risking damage, as long as you can read his big swings.

Lupa has a lot of big, lunging attacks to close the distance, but surprisingly few ranged attacks. Don’t worry about projectiles while you fight him.

If you prefer melee combat, then you might have more difficulty. His big melee attacks can surprise you, and his grab can be ruinous. Just play it safe and chip him down, one step at a time.

He has three phases, all using different weapons. His final phase is the most dangerous, as Lupa Lupin can move fast and deal consistent damage. That doesn’t make him too fast, however, and you can still attack him after he makes his attacks fairly safely.

Use his slow attacks to take down your childhood boogey monster.