Biomutant Make Gulp Happy Quest | How to Complete

Gulp is one of the many awesome NPCs introduced to you in Biomutant. Being a drunkard, he is consistently looking for more drinks, and you happen to be an adventurer. So, you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven! Or at least a bar. The Make Gulp Happy quest isn’t the most important sidequest you’ll ever take on in your career. However, it will introduce you to a new resource and get you some points with Gulp. So, let’s get it done!

How to Complete the Make Gulp Happy Quest in Biomutant

Biomutant Make Gulp Happy

In order to complete the Make Gulp Happy quest, you’ll need to get him some of his favorite drinks, which happen to be radioactive. Head to the water-based dungeon that he points you to, clear it out, and then complete a light-matching puzzle at the head of the truck. Do it right, get the drinks, and then fast travel back to Gulp’s boat. Make sure you complete the drinking challenge afterward to get more experience!

When you visit Gulp, make sure you find the fast travel point on his boat. This is a great point to grab since you’ll have the Googlide and this is basically a port island.

Completing the Make Gulp Happy quest unlocks Gulp’s store, which is a small gear store that occasionally has strong loot in it. You might not find any significant upgrades, but check resistances in case he has some high resistance gear. In addition, if you complete the drinking challenge, Gulp will give you more respect and a bigger selection of items. The drinking challenge is a Quicktime Event, so either have your reactions ready or turn off the events in general.

Gulp’s quest is good since it unlocks an easy-to-grab shop and a new collectible to search for. That’s worth the time it takes to complete, especially during your first playthrough. So be sure to pay a visit to Gulp and help him find his favorite drinks!