Biomutant Max Level | What Is the Level Cap?

Biomutant is a fairly standard RPG when it comes to level progression. As you grow, you get to upgrade your statistics in each of your six statistics. You also gain upgrade points to spend on perks. That’s all fine and dandy, but how many levels do you get in Biomutant? The max level of the game is somewhat important, since you kind of need to know how far your build can get.

What is the Max Level in Biomutant

Biomutant Max Level

Unfortunately, nobody actually knows what the max level of Biomutant is. After you get past Level 30, the game no longer records achievements, and leveling becomes sluggishly slow. Past 30, you also are running out of perks to select as you’ve already got your class perks, Wung-Fu, and generic perks like Charmer. So, while we guess the level cap might be close to 50, we don’t know as of the writing of this article.

Once you get towards 30, you are pretty well-off in terms of upgrades and build path. The +10 to a stat increase is always nice, but you can hardly notice it after you’ve already gotten +300 total stat points. You also are starting to run out of things to spend upgrade points on, which is especially the case if you’ve gotten some upgrade points from bandit camps.

If Level 50 is the level cap, and you get all of the Bandit Camp skillpoint tomes, that’s 61 total upgrade points to sift through. That’s quite a bit! That’s enough to get the Wung-Fu upgrades for most of your weapons (including the ones you never use) as well as all of the perks in the game!

That being said, there’s no known limit to levels as of right now and 50 is a hypothetical limit. Theoretically, if one was to cap out all of their stats, there could be as many as 220 levels! That would be a bit absurd, and completely overkill. By the time you comfortably beat the main campaign and most side missions, you’ll be sitting around 40 to 45!

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