Biomutant Mercenary Class | What Does It Do?

Biomutant has a ton of different classes to select as you start the game. From ranged-heavy builds to melee bruisers, there are so many options to choose from right off of the bat. If you preordered the game, there’s a 6th class for you to choose from: The Mercenary Class. This is a “unique” class to select, a reward for putting your trust in Experiment 101. That being said, you can’t get it at the time of writing, not until the developers have fixed some issues with it.

What’s Different About the Mercenary Class in Biomutant

Biomutant Mercenary Class

The Mercenary Class is a mixed bag of perks from all other classes with a focus on Dual-Wielding melee damage. You start with Dual-Wielding, like the Saboteur, but benefit from 10% bonus melee damage with the Fury perk. Then, your perk tree takes notes from Psi-Freak, Saboteur, Sentinel, and Commando to make you a weird mix of damage and durability.

Let’s talk perks really quickly:

  • Megamind: +20% Ki Regen.
  • Reflexes: 10% dodge chance against ranged weapon attacks.
  • Invincibility: While at full health, +20% Armor and +20% Melee Damage.
  • Brutality: +10% Critical Hit Damage with Melee Weapons.

The Mercenary Class is, unfortunately, the best Melee DPS in the game. Your starting perk just gives you 10% bonus damage with melee, which is more than Saboteur and Sentinel get to start. The Saboteur is purely defensive, and the Sentinel doesn’t really get much pure damage (other than Invincibility, which the Mercenary also gets). If you want the best chance for a melee build to work, the Mercenary is your best choice. We don’t think it beats out the Dead-Eye and its double ranged weapon damage… but it’s really good.

The Mercenary was unlockable by pre-order, by inputting a code on the Store page, or by Managing Game Content for PlayStation 5. However, on release, the Mercenary rarely got into the hands of its players, though THQ Nordic was quick to respond to the outcry.

The Mercenary Class is not required for playing the game, though, and you can trust that Experiment 101 will probably fix the issues with it and re-release it when it’s ready. For now, Saboteur and Sentinel are both extremely fun melee class options that you can use instead!

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