Biomutant Myriad or Jagni | Which Tribe to Start With

You’re going to have to make a surprising number of important choices in Biomutant. Your first one with echoing repercussions will be what tribe you start with. You are told about tribes the moment you get out of Bunker 101, and thus you are told to ally with one of the two right at the start; Myriad or Jagni. This is your first big step into Biomutant, so it’s best to make it a large step. Which direction should you go?

Should You Choose Myriad or Jagni in Biomutant?

Biomutant Myriad or Jagni

The choice between Myriad or Jagni at the start of Biomutant should be based on your Aura and what you want out of the early game. The Myriad Tribe is aligned with the Light and wants to save the Tree of Life. The Jagni tribe is aligned with the dark and wants to destroy the Tree of Life. Both of the tribes will have you take over enemy strongholds (either to subdue or destroy), and you can change your tribal loyalty without too much effort.

The moral alignment of the tribe is, mechanically, the most important part. If you have the same morality as your tribe, it’s easier to work with them and influence them. If you are of opposing opinions with your tribe’s Shifu, then you might have just a little bit extra trouble doing things.

Thankfully, after you capture your first stronghold, you are taught how to change tribes. Just talk to your Shifu and tell them you’ve changed your mind. While they might not understand, there’s not much they can do to stop you! This means you can change tribes whenever you’d like to; maybe your alignment changed, and you don’t like the Myriad anymore. Or, you just met an endgame tribe who better match your thoughts and opinions. So, while the choice is super important early on, you do have the chance to change your mind once you get later in the game.