Biomutant Nono Train Station | How to Unlock

Biomutant tends to be rather open about dungeons and progress throughout your gameplay experience. Be it by guiding you to the entrance or giving you hints with interact bubbles, you should feel free to explore most environments the game offers. The key word there is “most,” however… The Train Station near the southeast Nono Rootnest breaks the game just a bit by disallowing any entrance! There’s loot in there, dangit! So, how do you get into the Nono Train Station and get the superb loot and mission objectives within?

How to Unlock Nono Train Station

Biomutant Nono Train Station

The southeast Nono Train Station can only be opened by talking to the NPC called Honki. Honki is directly north of the train station, and northwest of the Rootnest. Head to his home to get a quest that leads you right to the Station, and magically unlocks the door for you. Honki also unlocks the Hopehall next to the Southeast Nono Rootnest.

This is a frustrating, and rare, occurrence in Biomutant. Very rarely do developers hide environmental and achievement-based objectives behind questlines. However, in this case, entrance to the building is only allowed if you’re helping Honki. That’s because you need to traverse the insides to get him some “Nothing” that he really seems to want.

The same thing goes for the Hopehall nearby; help Honki get the “Nothing” within the old church and he’ll keep on helping you out. This is critical for completing the Honki questline, which rewards you with a shop and a lot of XP. It also clears up that frustration headache from not being able to open that gosh darn door, even with upgraded tools!

Oh well, Honki is nearby and you don’t need any specific quest or item to talk with him. Just barge right in and do his quest. He has a fast travel point just outside, so it’s worth heading nearby anyways!