Biomutant Oxygen Suit | How to Get

One of the most terrifying Hazard Zones in Biomutant is the low-oxygen zones. Your armor can only do so much to defend you if your lungs are drying out! While there are suits of armor that can give oxygen resistance, you’ll be hard-pressed to get above 50%! However, there is an answer for those who are terrified of the lack of oxygen: The Oxygen Suit. This air-tight armor will bring you above 100% resistance to low-air zones, but the journey to find it will take you across the map. Find out where this important suit is with this quick guide.

How to Get Oxygen Suit in Biomutant

Biomutant Oxygen Suit

To find the Oxygen Suit in Biomutant, go to Pingdish 11H, to the far north-western area of the map. You can also head right to the Bangshelter 11I, which is located at the far north of the map. Enter the Bangshelter, and head inside a short dungeon to get your new, oxygen-based armor set!

The Air-Tight set is a bit different than the other armor sets. It has 20% Oxygen Resistance on Head, 75% on the chest, and 50% on the legs. It also has one additional part that the suit comes with a backpack which gives you 30% resistance by itself. This puts you at 175% Resistance, which is far beyond the maximum of 100%! That means you can mix and match the Air-Tight set with any pieces of actual armor you like! No need to throw away all defensive statistics so you can breath in the Deadzone!

The Oxygen Suit is better than the other suits, thanks to the backpack. However, the back also has no armor bonus! You’ll want to find the best mix of the Air-Tight set and normal armor if you want to maximize your survivability!

You also don’t need the Oxygen Suit to defeat the Western Jumbo Puff. You only need about 50% Oxygen resistance to navigate the deadzone, as long as you consistently go back to your Mech when you’re in danger. The Mech will also need upgrades to keep you alive, but only one upgrade is needed.

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