Biomutant Persuade | When Can I Persuade Others?

Biomutant actually isn’t only about fighting, though that is the core of the gameplay. Every now and then, the game allows you to flex your diplomatic skills and handle a situation without violence. The ability to persuade in Biomutant is a limited but welcome addition to gameplay. You are able to talk down a select few adversaries during gameplay, which might make those Light Playthroughs feel a bit more “good.” So, when are you allowed to talk down your opponents?

How to Persuade in Biomutant

Biomutant Persuade

If you want to persuade in Biomutant, you have to reach a fort or tribal area where your opponent is able to be talked down. This tends to be the third and final outpost of the area, and occasionally includes the final boss battle with a tribe leader. During these confrontations, the boss will give you a dialogue choice: Choose “persuade” to give yourself the chance to talk down the enemy. Then, you can choose to go with a lower chance persuasion, or a high-risk but high-chance persuasion.

Persuasion is the main way you can use your Charisma stat to help you take over the world. Higher Charisma means you have a better chance to convince people to stop fighting. There is also a perk called Charmer that will increase the chance of your persuade working by one point. This is a drastic increase in chance, and it only costs one upgrade point.

The persuade option comes up very little, unfortunately. Despite playing as a goody-two shoes, it would only appear twice per tribal raid. That means most of the time, we had to take down our foes in mortal combat. However, 50% of the time, the boss could be taken down with our Charisma, which is nice.

This is not a consistent option during the gameplay of Biomutant, which is unfortunate. The game is at it’s best during conversations with the characters and the world around you, so avoiding a fight makes sense much of the time. However, this can drastically speed up outpost or fort takedowns.

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