Biomutant Pokbur Mekton Wrekcrate | Where to Find

Biomutant Pokbur Mekton Wrekcrate

Building up a supply of Mekton scarp is going to be important for your journey in Biomutant. The more armored your Mekton is, the easier it will be to take on the Western PuffThe Mekton is Gizmo’s invention, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint him would you? If you head near Pokbur, you’ll actually find a Pokbur Mekton Wrekcrate nearby. If you’re worried about missing out on this little upgrade to your awesome mech suit, check out our guide to find it!

Where to Find the Pokbur Mekton Wrekcrate

Biomutant Pokbur Mekton Wrekcrate

The Pokbur Mekton Wrekcrate is located on the same little archipelago that Pokbur is on. Head south from the small city, and stay near the shore. You’ll find the Wrekcrate soon, chilling right next to the water. Grab it to gain some scrap needed to upgrade your Mekton device, once you are ready to help Gizmo with his Puff.

The Mekton devices are very important to collect. Improving the armor and movement speed of the massive device will be extremely handy for your inevitable showdown at the west root.

Once you’ve gathered Mekton Scrap, you can upgrade and improve your Mekton by climbing inside and pressing the Transport hotkey button (4 on PC by default). This will open up the upgrade column for any Puff-slaying gadgets that you are currently in.

To maximize the effectiveness of your Mekton, you’re going to want more than one or Wrekcrate’s worth of upgrades. Each scrap might upgrade a specific aspect of the Mekton, so spending the time to collect a couple of boxes might benefit you a lot in the short and long run!

The Pokbur Mekton Wrekcrate is also one of the easiest to get before you can enter the Deadzone proper. This will put a little marker on any future Wrekboxes that you need to get in the future, including the one that Gizmo wants you to find. This is a really smart future investment!

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