Biomutant Pokbur Reconstruction | Should You Rebuild?

There are few worlds as brutal and destructive as Biomutant. One village that was changed permanently by bandits was Pokbur. This city got crushed by evil forces, and so they ask for you to save them. Once you defeat the surrounding bandits, you can help them rebuild and reconstruct. However, they ask for 20 wood scrap, which is a lot of material at any point in the game. Is this town worth restoring, even if you’re on the path of light?

Is the Pokbur Reconstruction Worth it in Biomutant?

Biomutant Pokbur

The town of Pokbur is only worth rebuilding for completionists or those who think they will return to Pokbur a lot. Restoring the town gives you a good chunk of experience, some new quests, and new merchants. They do not have any special areas that are only accessible through reconstruction, nor do they give you anything specific or unique. It should only be done if you like returning to this place throughout your Surfipelago journey.

Pokbur is in a pretty great spot of the Surfipelago. It’s very close to Gulp, so you don’t necessarily have to go to the old drunk whenever you fast travel. Restoring the city grants you three new stores and services to work with, too; having both a guaranteed Weapon Upgrade and Gear Upgrade bench nearby might be interesting. Most cities only have one or the other!

The village is small, too, so it’s hard to get lost in.

However, 20 wood planks is a lot, to say the least! Upgrading a weapon to the final tier of material upgrades can take 27 wood. So, you’re sacrificing potential future upgrades for your favorite weapons for a long-term investment of a merchant and some quests. Considering you can fast travel to most towns in the game, and therefore get access to workbenches aplenty, then you might not need Pokbur’s services.

That being said, the reward is worth it later on, when wood scrap can come in big handfuls, and you might have some Relic weapons poking around your pockets. By then, Pokbur might be in the past, but it’s worth revisiting if you ever need to swing by the Surfipelago.