Biomutant Ring Dinger | Where to Find Krossway 3G Phone

As you explore along the amazing world of Biomutant, you are destined to run into a ton of old world gadgets. You’re going to want to find one of each, since they lead you to new ones in the future. Because of that, the early game gadgets are going to be very important! The Ring Dinger in Krossway 3G might be the first you encounter, so it’s fairly important that you find it before you head out. If you’re having trouble locating it, we can help you out!

Where to Find the Ring Dinger in Krossway 3G

Biomutant Krossway 3G Ring Dinger

The Ring Dinger in Krossway 3G is found in a building in the middle, between the Krossway and the Wiffle Factory. Head inside by circling around the back, and then climb the stairs. When you get upstairs, you should see the Ring Dinger next to one of the windows of the Krossway. You can solve it by lining up all of the lights with the top and bottom colors, and then you’re home free!

The Ring Dinger does little by itself; it gives you a little phone call after it’s complete. You’ll get a handful of experience, but no loot or anything like that immediately afterward. That’s less useful than the other gadgets, but hey, the phone call is fun! It will also unlock the Ring Dinger questline, which will introduce you to new areas of the map to explore in the future. Even if you’re not going for completion, this might lead you to new loot sources. So, that might be worthwhile!

Krossway 3F is pretty close to the Porky Puff, and thus you might want to go there anyway to get fast travels close to the guy; the Floatboat (to the Southwest) has a fast travel spot to consider as well. The Krossway also has a phone booth that gives you a superhero costume, if you like dressup! The Wiffle Factory needs Level 2 Klawbar to fully explore but has good loot inside once you do.