Biomutant Silo 6D Underground | Where Is The Underground Area?

Biomutant has more than its fair share of nuclear silos and storage units. There are a ton scattered across the land, but they tend to be fairly straightforward to explore. Silo 6D has an underground in Biomutant that might not be clear to new explorers and may cause them to get caught up on. This silo also contains relatively important loot for any completionist to grab, so being able to identify where the underground is will be important. Thankfully, we’re here to help!

Where to Find the Silo 6D Underground in Biomutant

Biomutant Silo 6D Underground

The Silo 6D underground in Biomutant is located off to the side of the silo. Head towards the side of the area where a massive wall drops down a small canyon. On the center of this wall is a breakable circle, where you can use your Klonkfist to break it down. That leaves you with an entrance to Silo 6D’s underground section, where you can collect your new superb loot and more.

This is a pretty standard fake-out that you might encounter in later sections of the game. Silo 6D is fairly straightforward, but you might need to do more looping in the future to find more Underground areas to interact with. The outside of the area tends to be a safe bet if you’re having trouble entering the Underground of a given area! The underground is often a connected area, rather than within the area itself.

That being said, other than for completionist reasons, you might not need to enter the bottom of Silo 6D. There’s not too much down there to hold your attention, unless you’re looking for upgrades and happen to be in the area. You might get lucky and find a new piece of armor or a craftable weapon, but you might also find no upgrades. That’s still worth considering, thanks to the game’s resource system and disassembling parts, but it might not be the best use of your time in general.