Biomutant Toilet Puzzle | How to Solve

As you explore the world of Biomutant, you’re going to run into a lot of a similar rotation puzzle. This is, sadly, one of the few puzzles that Biomutant offers, but developers get creative with how they perform it. Toilet puzzles, as well as most pipe puzzles, involve this light-based matching game. However, because it uses valves, this can be one of the more difficult ones to wrap your head around. Don’t worry, we can help you beat any pipe or toilet puzzle that you run into in Biomutant!

How to Solve Toilet Puzzles in Biomutant

Biomutant Toilet Puzzle

If you want to consistently solve toilet puzzles in Biomutant, start with the end pipes first. Point the arm with that color at the end closest to it; in the above picture, the bottom pipe has a white color, so you point the white arm of the valve at that color. Then, do the same thing with the valves between the outside valves. In the image above, the middle valve only has one option, so pointing one arm at the correct color will solve the puzzle for you.

If you get this pattern, most of the light rotation puzzles in the game will become easier for you. All it takes is for you to stop for a moment, think which direction is easiest to turn, and then work from the outsides inwards.

This toilet puzzle is similar to any valve-based draining puzzle, some of which are required later in the game. You will need to do these multiple times throughout the main campaign, and many different times for sidequests. So, if you can get the basic pattern down, you’ll be good for any pipe you run into.

While the puzzles in Biomutant lack diversity and tend to be simple, that doesn’t mean they aren’t at least a little interesting. And they do quite a bit with their basic idea, to the point where they’ve actually made many different puzzles from this one idea!

We hope this helped you out with the basic toilet puzzle pattern! Check out some of our other guides for any more help you might need.