Biomutant Twist Twang | How to Get 6E Leftovers Guitar

Finding the first of any Old World Gadget in Biomutant will be important for your journey. These items might not look too powerful, but they give you a ton of XP and information about the world around you. If you’re wanting to explore the world, then the Leftovers 6E Twist Twang is actually a good place to head to. This location not only has superb loot and some additional goodies, but it also has an old world gadget to retune! Our guide will bring you to this place so you can continue on your quest.

Where to Find Twist Twang Guitar in Leftovers

Biomutant Leftovers 6E Twist Twang

Leftovers 6E is located far north of Bricktown, and northwest of the Toxanol Dump. Head to the right of the radiation plant and inside a white brick house to find yourself the Twist Twang, a nice acoustic guitar that you must tune by completing a rotation puzzle. This guitar will be mostly for completion bonuses but offers some XP which is nice.

The Twist Twang has the same rotation puzzle that most events in Biomutant use, but it’s flavored as tuning the guitar instead. That’s fun, but it is sad that there isn’t a sound-based game instead here. That’s okay; you still get some kind of cool music afterward and plenty of XP. If you’re in Leftovers, this guitar is worth taking the time to locate… Mostly because it isn’t that well hidden!

In addition, once you get your first guitar, you unlock the sidequest for it. That means you get to head out into the world and more easily find other Twist Twangs, which lead you to new Areas to complete. That’s useful, especially since most areas can be a little hard to find if you’re just running around.

If you’re wanting to 100% Biomutant, then finding the Leftovers 6E Twist Twang is going to be essential!