Biomutant Vaults | How to Unlock Storages

As you explore the post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant, you might run into a few remnants of the old world. Two of these remnants are known as Vaults and Storages, and they are both unlocked in the same way. However, the actual way to unlock them can be a bit muddy if you’re not lucky with how you run into areas. And sometimes, that method doesn’t even work! If you’re wondering how you unlock Vaults, we have you covered.

How to Unlock Vaults in Biomutant

Biomutant Unlock Vaults

In order to unlock any of the Vaults or Storages in Biomutant, you have to take down a Key Munster that likely lives nearby. Once you defeat these Key Munsters, they will provide you a key that is connected to a nearby vault.

Once the Munster is taken down, your questlog will be updated. You can swap your quest to the new one to see exactly where the key will lead you to. We suggest doing this if the Munster is surprisingly far away from the Vault or Storage that its key is required to open.

The Key Munster may need to be activated by a quest. Moog, an NPC in the Deadzone necessary to complete the Gizmo quest, wants your help tracking down various Munsters. If you don’t go to him first, you may not always be able to fight the Key Munster in a specific area. If you’re worried about finding the Munster and wasting your time, head to Moog first and get that questline started.

In addition to the Key, the Munster will also give you dung. This poo tends to be useless, other than for giving it over to Moog. Make sure you keep your poo around, though! It may be more useful in the future than you think. Besides, it gives next to no Green, no materials, and you don’t have inventory limits.