Biomutant’s Tree of Life is the Key the Post Apocalyptic RPG

The Tree of Life is a central plot mechanic in the upcoming action-RPG Biomutant, a new IP from developers Experiment 101. Following a series of apocalyptic natural disasters, players must protect the Tree’s roots from evil forces.

After a devastating oil spill leaves the Tree’s roots damaged, players must defeat four World Eaters to restore the Tree of Life. Creatures linger around its perimeter and chew its roots, attracted to the oil within. There are five roots for players to save throughout the game. Player choice is key, as the approach varies based on what tribe the protagonist sides.

Biomutant Tree of Life

The Tree of Life resides in the center of New World – the home of Biomutant. Its roots are spead across the map, providing players a reason to explore new areas and protect the roots from monsters that will ultimately destroy the Tree, and decimate life on the planet. It all ties into the nature-based design of Biomutant, with lavish greenery and plant physics that complement the player’s small stature.

Of course, saving the Tree’s roots is no walk in the park – that’s where the World Eaters come into play. They’re unique and individual bosses, each providing a different challenge for players. One World Eater, called Jumbo Puff, is a pre-launch focus of Biomutant. It looks similar to a shark, with sharp teeth and a long, coarse tongue. These World Eaters look to provide a challenge to the pint-sized heroes of Biomutant, requiring tactical approaches to defeat.

Biomutant releases on May 25, with its launch just weeks away. Recent gameplay footage shows the game running on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and it’s also enhanced for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. With a vast and expansive customization system, it’s set to be an RPG unlike any other.