Bitlife | How to Escape Prison

As a life simulation game, Bitlife certainly doesn’t fail to deliver on the numerous different career paths you can take. You can be an actor, president, professional athlete, etc. You can even commit to a life of crime. Of course, if you do the crime, you’ll do the time, so we’re here to teach you how to escape prison in Bitlife.

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

Bitlife How to Escape Prison

The core mechanics of learning how to escape prison in Bitlife are quite simple. You can move either one tile up, down, left, or right each turn, and you must avoid the security guard by staying out of his sight. The guard can move up to two tiles every turn, though those two moves must be in the same direction. Your objective is to get around him and to the exit door, by using walls for cover.

Unfortunately, it isn’t feasible to write out the exact solution for every single prison map, for a few different reasons. For one, there are way too many, and each map can appear in multiple different orientations. The pool of maps that are drawn from is everchanging, meaning this list of solutions would almost certainly become immediately outdated, if it were to just list every solution. Further, if your particular map wasn’t on the list, then you’d have nothing to go off of. Instead, we’re gonna cover a few universal techniques that you can use to get through any puzzle that you are faced with.

The first thing to understand when trying to learn how to escape prison is how the guard AI works, and it’s pretty simple. Imagine you are down and to the right of the guard. If you are in this position, then the only directions that the guard can move are down and right. If you were up and to the left, he could only move up and to the left. His AI is not advanced enough to know to move in a direction that makes him further from you, even if it would benefit him to do so. If you move to be directly to the guard’s left, then he can only move left, even if it means putting himself into a dead end, as another example. In simplest terms, the guard will never make a move that puts him at a greater distance from you.

Now, this guard is not very intelligent. Consider the following setup:

Bitlife How to Escape Prison

If you were in this position and it was your turn, and you moved to the left, where do you think the guard would move? Logically, he would move two spaces down, as that would leave him one tile away from you, but this is not what he will do. He will actually move one tile to the left. Why? Because you moved left. If you are down and to the left of a guard, and you move either down or left, the guard will always make the same move. This applies to all four diagonal directions and can be used to easily lure him into traps. In the picture below, for example, a move to the right would trap him, as he would mirror your move right.

Bitlife How to Escape Prison

The trick is thus to “lock” the guard behind walls. If you are on the same row as the guard, to his right, but there is a wall immediately to his right, then the guard will do absolutely nothing until you move either up or down. However, you’re free to move left and right as you please. Why? Because again, the guard will only move in directions that bring him closer to you, but any move he makes would actually bring him further away. By maneuvering such that the guard traps himself in a corner or up against a wall, you can essentially earn yourself free moves without needing to worry about him closing in on you. If he is trapped in a corner to his down-right direction, and you are also down and to the right of him, then you can make as many downward moves and right moves as you want and he will stay still.

If you’re trying to think about how to escape prison, you’ve got the wrong goal in mind. Your actual goal should just be to be fewer moves away from the exit than the guard is. If you’re fewer moves away, then you can always just make a b-line to the exit and you’ll beat him there. When you first spawn, check to see where the guard is relative to you, then find a corner or wall that you know you can trick him into entering safely. Locate a tile somewhere on the map that you can reach while keeping him trapped, that would put you fewer moves away from the exit. Always remember to keep his pathfinding in mind. He will only ever move one direction in a turn, so just because he isn’t twice as many tiles away, doesn’t mean he will catch you as you make your run for the door.