BitLife | How to Join the Italian Mafia

BitLife keeps on growing, and the range of careers you can choose is only getting bigger. From soccer star to toilet cleaner, you can do pretty much anything – even careers on the dark side of the law. There’s several criminal gangs to join: the Italian Mafia, the Yakuza, the Irish Mob, the Latin Mafia, the Triad and the Russian Mafia. Here’s how to join the Italian Mafia in BitLife.

How to Join the Italian Mafia in BitLife


First of all, to join the Italian Mafia, you need to be a very specific type of Bitizen, in a very specific location. Specifically, you need to be a male in New York City. If you’re anything else, then the Italian Mafia option won’t appear on the Organized Crime section.

Once you’ve randomized your identity enough to meet the criteria, you’ll want to get some crimes under your belt. You can start committing crimes from thirteen years of age, though the more serious ones won’t unlock until you turn eighteen. Our tip for low-risk crimes is Grand Theft Auto – stealing cars, then flipping them a year later. If you just want easy crimes under your belt, you can’t go wrong with burglary and pickpocketing.

Once you’ve built up a portfolio of crime, you can chance your luck with the Italian Mafia. Tap on Job, then Special Careers, then Organized Crime. From there, you can choose the Italian Mafia. It’ll display their level of notoriety, and the action you can choose to join. If you’ve got a strong enough criminal record, they’ll accept you in, and you can work with them from there. If not, they might rough you up a bit before sending you on your way. Usually, you can try again later down the line – though you’ll need to increase your crime level to get accepted.

That’s how to join the Italian Mafia in BitLife. Once you’re in, you can commit murders, shakedown businesses, and work your way up the criminal roster. New York City is finally yours.